Choosing a career for the first time or selecting a new career, can be daunting! This process involves much more than just the use of tests and inventories. When test results only are used in isolation of other sources of information, one cannot understand the individual’s behaviour, decision making and the totality of his/her life experience


To gain a true understanding of the client and his/her needs, this service is therefore provided in the form of psychometric tests as well as other informal methods of gaining information. These consist but are not restricted to the following:

  1. Career interest questionnaire (MB-10 and CIP)
  2. Personality tests (MBTI)
  3. Aptitude tests (DAT-L)
  4. Value Scales
  5. Career genograms
  6. Lifelines, etc.


The primary use of psychometric assessments is to enhance the individual’s self-knowledge and therefore he/she might be able to make an informed decision with regards to the most appropriate degree, course and career choice.

*Please note that the assessment will be tailored according to the client’s specific needs.