Subject choice is not an easy matter and causes a huge amount of pressure for the adolescent (and parents). The daunting question is: “Which subjects will open or close doors for me in the future?”

At the time of making these important choices the individuals might not have given thought about their future and the implications their choices might have. This is a time teens need to be reflective as to who they are and where they heading in life. This may be one of the most important choices in their lifetime.

The subject choice assessment is conducted utilising a Psychometric assessment which can be utilised when students are very uncertain about their prospective career choices and consequent subject choices, but the results need to be appropriately integrated with other information about the client’s life experience.


The assessment processes is kept as individualised as possible, taking the specific person with their personal background and needs into consideration.

Subject choice assessments take the following aspects of an individual into consideration:

  • Interests
  • Personality
  • Abilities and aptitude
  • Values
  • Scholastic/academic history
  • Background

Suggestions and specific guidelines will be made based on the combination of the above.