Play Therapy is a psychotherapy that uses games, toys and mediums such as clay, drawings and paint to help a child to express their emotions, thoughts, feelings and needs.  In such a safe environment, a young person or child can express himself /her far easier as no actual threat is perceived. Various elements such as stories, music, games or poetry are usually combined with Gestalt Play therapy in order to achieve better results more easily. Play Therapy has proved over time that children make use of playing activities in order to cope with disturbing situations and it is extensively acknowledged by experts as an effective and suitable intervention in dealing with children’s brain development, thus helping them towards better social integrationgrowth and development, emotional modulation, and trauma resolution.

Gestalt Play Therapy helps me to communicate with the child to establish an interpersonal process and help resolve potential psychologically damaging situations.

My therapeutic approach includes guidance and support for the rest of the family or school to help cope with particular issues or situations.  Gestalt therapy is a dynamic, present-centred, and process-oriented mode of therapy. The approach has a strong emphasis on bringing the child into awareness of his or her present situation and empowering the child, most successfully, to understand, accept and build a new awareness.