On the 1st day of each year, I choose one word to live by that specific year. I place it on my calendar, and it repeats every day just as a reminder. The last few years my words were, expand, excel and others I cannot remember.

This year the word that came up on the 1st of January 2020 was “commit”. That same day I read the story of Hugh van Cylenburg the founder of “The Resilience Project” on how he lived in a remote village for a while and learned from the inhabitants that practising gratitude, empathy (compassion) and mindfulness leads to happier and more fulfilling experiences. I instantly decided to add this to my daily calendar as well. Never in my wildest dreams did I realize how important this daily reminder was going to be for me and everyone in 2020!

COMMIT…to ACTion rather than fusing or obsessing with negative thoughts.

GRATEFUL… for health, food and a roof over my head.

EMPATHY AND COMPASSION for everyone who struggles emotionally, but also for mySELF.

MINDFUL … to live in the moment, ACCEPT circumstances, thoughts and feelings, and just to DO what I can in this present moment.

Please reflect during the next days and consider these principles for your own life. I know it isn’t easy, but remember we are in this together on a global scale.

I am thinking about you in this uncertain and difficult time. Let’s “push through the pain” “do it afraid” or “just do it” together.

Live in the moment and Stay healthy!