Author: Jamie Bell, NS Healthcare


Brain-working recursive therapy (BWRT) is already used by the police force and in prisons across South Africa to deal with mental health issues like PTSD.

BWRT® has been adopted as the go-to mental health psychotherapy treatment by hundreds of South African psychologists

Traditional methods for treating with mental health problems — such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) — aren’t practical in all healthcare settings, as they take a long time to have an effect. Clinical psychologist Rafiq Lockhat has been using and teaching a new, faster alternative to such approaches in South Africa, as he explains to Jamie Bell.

“Most of my patients are victims of rape, hijackings, armed robberies and knife attacks. On a daily basis, about 60% of my practice is dealing with these types of trauma.”

Having spent more than 30 years treating patients with mental health issues in South Africa, Rafiq Lockhat is used to the human impact of crime in a country with the fifth-highest murder rate in the world.

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